Travelers, journalists and bloggers visited unique places of the East Kazakhstan

The next stage of a large-scale expedition titled ‘Altai - Cradle of Civilization’ to important facilities of Kazakhstan was completed. Professional guides and experienced travelers, local and foreign journalists and well-known travel bloggers drove 3,000 kilometers in 12 days visiting unique places of the East Kazakhstan region. The places include lakes such as Yazevoye, Markakol, Zaisan and Alakol as well as the Austrian road, Rakhmanov keys and the Kiin Kerish tract. Participants say that the country has a great potential for tourism development. New tourist routes will be developed with the help of the Kazakh Tourism company. Until the end of September, stages of the expeditions titled ‘Sary-Arka,’ ‘From sea to sea’ and ‘The New Silk Road’ will take place.


- Following the results of the expedition, a photo and video bank on the nature of the East Kazakhstan region will be created. A guidebook of tourists will be developed and new routes for eco-travel trips will be offered. We will also recommend how to improve and develop the tourist potential of the region.