Innovations in food industry

Innovations in food industry

The world innovations are being successfully introduced in every sector of economy in Kazakhstan, including the food industry. A new bread factory in Karaganda region is one of the examples of using smart technologies in production. The project is launched as part of the industrialization and the Digital Kazakhstan programs. Almost all preparation processes of the bakery products are automated at the enterprise.     


-The equipment will operate for many years and it has special features. It operates automatically, and it is also cleans itself automatically. It saves time and money.

The factory is the only one that uses the smart technology systems in Kazakhstan, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and some European countries. Over 2 billion Tenge of direct investments were provided for the project implementation.

Although the factory uses high-tech production systems, the ingredients of its products are still made of local raw materials.


 - The starting capacity of this plant is 35 tonnes. We export our products to Satpayev, Zhezkazgan, Karazhal, Zhairem, Ulytau and Zhezdy.

A system of dual education will be introduced in the production activity of the enterprise. The bread factory in Zhezkazgan has become the third facility that was opened in the Karaganda. Energy-efficient production facility is also launched in Balkhash and Karagandy.