Resident of the Kazakh Shakhsham village in Uzbekistan organized a museum in the courtyard of his house

Resident of the Kazakh Shakhsham village in Uzbekistan Daniyar Khusanov organized a museum in the courtyard of his house. He had collected his artifacts for almost half a century. One of his exhibits is a ceramic jug that date back to the third century.

The museum has many relics: pottery jars and products made of copper. Some rarities belong to the era of the Saks which was proved by archaeologists.


 - When they demolished my friend's house, they found a lamp. They invited an archaeologist to carefully study. The archaeologist said that the lamp refers to the 10th century. This pitcher was found with the human skull. It is historically known that the Saks were buried along with the things that he/she would need in afterlife.This is how a pitcher got into the grave with the weapon.

The collection has 1000 exhibits. Interestingly, most of them were discovered near the Shakhsham village. All the artifacts were preserved in the original form despite the fact that they were kept underground for centuries. Moreover, the water system connected by ceramic pipes is discovered in the village. The aqueduct proves once again that a civilization existed in the area.


 - When we built a house and dug a cellar, we found there something that looked like a water pipe. I dont know exactly which date to relate to. I think that there was a civilization in ancient times. If you look closely, you can see that these are parts of the water supply system.

Daniyar Khusanov has been collecting artifacts from his childhood. He opened the first museum in the village in the late 1990's. When it was closed, he turned his own house into a museum. Today, many visitors come  to visit the museum, who are especially interested in national products.


 - In my childhood, my grandmothers usually wore Kazakh national jewelry. For example, there is a big difference between shashbau and sholpy. Only young girls used to wear sholpys. Married women used to wear shashbau. In ancient times, it was not accepted to take food from the hands of a woman, if she didn’t wear silver rings or bracelets. This is because the silver cleans.             

A public figure plans to build a large museum in the village. There are enough exhibits for this. Moreover, the collector's fund is constantly replenished. The work also contributes to the increase and preservation of the cultural heritage of the fraternal peoples, as well as the development of tourism between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.