Astana hosted a classical concert performed by State Orchestra ‘Academy of Soloists’

Astana hosted a classical concert named ‘The Universe of Sounds’ performed by State Orchestra ‘Academy of Soloists’. The concert program featured outstanding compositions of Kazakh, Russian and foreign classics such as Winter Dreams by Tchaikovsky, aria of Abai from the opera by Zhubanov, the operetta "The Bat" by Strauss and many other. The conductor was laureate of the State Youth Award "Daryn" Askar Duysenbayev. The musical extravaganza was created by guests of the stage, soloists and laureates of international competitions, Roza Soltykhanova, Azamat Zheltyrguzov, Azat Malik and Ruslan Mustafin.


 - Our orchestra is transforming, expanding, and becoming bigger now. The chamber orchestra is turning into a symphonic at this stage. Therefore, our program is conditioned by the fact that there are a lot of very talented young people.

The Orchestra "Academy of Soloists" performs Kazakh national music. It is distinctive by traditional Kazakh motifs. "The Universe of Sounds" was their first concert this year.


 - I will perform the work of the Danish composer Karl Nielsen, which is rarely performed in Kazakhstan. Performing with such a remarkable collective as the Academy of Soloists is a special responsibility and excitement for me.

The orchestra is planning to conduct nearly 20 concerts as part of ‘The Universe of Sounds’ program.