Kazakh Diaspora in UK

Ethnic Kazakhs living in the United Kingdom are working towards preserving the national culture. Members of the Kazakh diaspora in UK want to promote their national traditions and pass them down to a younger generation. Forty Kazakh families currently living in the UK celebrate the traditional Kazakh holidays, cook Kazakh food and most importantly speak the Kazakh language. Both elderly and young people speak the mother tongue well. According to the chairman of the Kazakh diaspora, Abdisalim Savash, the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script will make it easier for them to study the Kazakh literature.


 - Kazakhstan’s transition to the Latin script is a wonderful step. It will unite the Kazakh people living in many countries. In Turkey, we used to study the Kazakh language with the Latin script, that’s why we cannot read in Cyrillic.

Sattar Kosse is fluent in Kazakh. He learnt Kazakh by taking language course organized by the Kazakh embassy in the UK. He now works as a manager in a British company but his main ambition is to achieve professional success in Kazakhstan.


 - Whenever I visit Kazakhstan I feel very happy because it is my native land. I went to Kazakhstan in 2010 and lived there for two years. There, I communicated with people in my mother tongue. I learnt many new words and terms. It was a good practice for me. 

Abdisalim Savash’s house is the meeting place for the British Kazakhs. His guests get immersed into the Kazakh cultural environment. They sing traditional songs and play the dombyra, they learn about the latest news from Kazakhstan and watch films in Kazakh. Abdisalim Savash’s next goal is to start Kazakh language courses for the young members of the diaspora.