Ethnofolklorama 2017

The Kazakh diaspora demonstrated its culture at the all-Ukrainian ethic festival "Ethnofolklorama" for the first time. The kyuis of legendary composer Kurmangazy were performed on the violin at the Kiev Concert Hall.

At the ethnic festival, the Kazakh diaspora presented a stand with photographs of the sights of its native country, treated guests with delicious baursaks, and demonstrated a beautiful blanket decorated with national ornament.

Saule rovnaya:

- we organize Kazakh society meetings very often. It is a true joy for us because it is an opportunity to speak Kazakh language, follow our customs and traditions. We prepared baursaks, khvorost, airan and Kazakh pilaf for the festival.

According to official data, representatives of about 120 nationalities live in Ukraine, 25 of them are considered to be largest diasporas, including the Kazakh one. Ukraine is home to about 10 thousand ethnic Kazakhs. Marik Zhangutinov dreams of opening a Kazakh cultural center in Kiev.

Marik Zhangutinov:

- We realized that we need to unite and create an all-Ukrainian cultural center, so we could be supported by the Ukraine authorities. That is, in those places where larger groups of Kazakhs live, but we are still identifying such groups. Nevertheless, according to the laws of Ukraine, we have the right to teach a number of subjects in our national Kazakh language if there is a large community of Kazakhs living in one place.

As the Kazakh diaspora in Ukraine notes, they managed to preserve culture, customs and traditions being far from their homeland. In the future, they are planning to open Sunday schools for the study of the Kazakh language and to establish an ensemble of national dances.