Kazakhstan forms about 30% of the sea freight flow in the Caspian Sea

Kazakhstan forms about 30 percent of the sea freight flow in the Caspian Sea through the port of Aktau and the car ferry complex Kuryk. Expansion of transit opportunities contributes to the growth of the volume of goods supplied to foreign countries, in particular to China, Azerbaijan and Latvia. Last year, they transported about 35,000 tonnes of cargo through Kazakhstan to Turkey. In 2018, volumes will be increased threefold. Therefore, the safety of shipping is a priority for Kazakhstan. Mazhilis members ratified the appropriate protocol, expanding the list of actions that can be classified as terrorist, and determining ship protection measures. The document will strengthen legal guarantees of safety of domestic merchant ships.


 - Currently, more than 40 states are parties to the protocol, including the countries of the Black Sea and Baltic regions. Kazakh merchant ships are actively exploring routes to ports located in the high seas. In 2017, about 35,000 tonnes of general cargo was transported from the port of Aktau to the ports of Turkey. In the current year, traffic volumes will be increased three-fold. It also is planned to start transportation of oversized equipment from the Black and Baltic Seas for the construction of the Tengizchevroil plant.