Preservation of cultural legacy

Preservation of cultural legacy

More than 120 different nationalities live in Kazakhstan today. Ethnic Diasporas have all the conditions to learn their history, language and traditions. Ethno cultural centers have done a lot of work on this direction. Assembly of People of Kazakhstan supports the center in preservation and promotion of cultural values and national art. For example, Uzbek ethno cultural center in Astana got the opportunity to showcase national clothing in the ethno fashion contest in Moscow. Therefore, the center attempted to show not only the rich cultural heritage of Uzbeks but also multinational Kazakhstan.


- People of Kazakhstan are one big family. We got all the opportunities and conditions to develop and study our culture. We want to present two collections, specifically, ‘Past Days’. We will show classical Uzbek clothing both for elder people and young women, men and children as well as modern collection. All the masterpieces are sewed from national fabrics.

Ikhtiyera Khodzhayeva has learned to sew the national clothing from her childhood. First, she kept an eye on her mother’s work and then started to create her own clothing. She managed to apply all her rich experience by collaborating with ethno cultural center which holds various concerts.


- We find Ikhtiyera Khodzhayeva’s works are of highly professional. This is truly our traditional style of clothing. We learned about nuances of sewing. For example, Uzbek costumes from Tashkent, Bukhara, Khorezm and Surkhan differentiate from one another and we can identify them by decorations.

Today Ikhtiyera Khodzhayeva teaches people to the sewing. Her master classes are included into the educational program of the Oriental Beauties Sunday school.


- Here we teach how to become a bride, a mother and a keeper of the hearth. Every Sunday we go to school with girls. We learn how to manage housework and other things that are of importance to us.

The work of Uzbek ethno cultural center of Astana has a number of directions, including topics of education among young people. For this purpose, the association of mothers was established as part of the center.