G-Global: Creating global transit agreement

The single transit global document on the project that aims to speed up the delivery of goods and reduce the documentation turnover was proposed at the G-Global site in New York. Head of the International Road Transport Union, Igor Runov, highlighted the importance of the initiative to revive the Silk Road for integration of countries in Europe and Asia. He said that the most ambitious geopolitical project will revive its historical role and become the largest business transit hub of the Central Asian region. The expert in transport logistics also shared the idea of ​​creating a new structure for a global partnership on sustainable financing.


 - We proposed a project to create a single transit global agreement that would greatly contribute to quicker delivery of goods by decreasing bureaucratic procedures. This is a single document that could be issued at the place of origin of goods and also could accompany a cargo to its destination. This hasn’t been practiced in the world yet. I think that we will be able to offer this idea in a more developed form at the Astana Economic Forum.