International New Great Silk Way 2018 Expedition kicks off this spring

International New Great Silk Way 2018 Expedition will kick off this spring. Well-known Polish traveler Jacek Palkiewicz decided to repeat the legendary route and contribute to strengthening of cultural relations between the countries of the Eurasian continent.


- The Silk Road 2018 project is an adventure and the biggest adventure in my life. It is the final approach to everything that happened in the past. I want to revive Marco Polo’s legendary path and everything connected is a huge topic. We work with the Kazakh tourism. We are working on the program for 12 days on Kazakhstan’s territory. There is a lot of work, it is a large-scale work.

The Polish traveler has been traveling all over the world for 40 years. During this time, the reporter and researcher wrote 30 books. Jacek Palkiewicz is confident that this expedition will attract a flow of European tourists to Kazakhstan, as Astana's image has been consolidated as the ‘Asian Dubai’.


 - 10 years before when I said “I'm going to Astana” everyone used to ask “What is it? Is it in Europe?" Today Europeans are aware about where Astana is and even more. Europe knows that Kazakhstan is a center of Asia. This is leadership. The country is a leader in this region. The city is impressive.

The international New Great Silk Road 2018 expedition under the leadership of Jacek Palkiewicz plans to overcome more than 10,000 kilometers across the territory of seven countries, particularly, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus and Poland. The starting point is China’s Xian. I travelers will visit Kazakhstan’s 33 unique tourist sites that entered the UNESCO World Heritage List. The expedition will finish in June in Warsaw.