Central Asia: Perspectives in tourist growth

The interest in Central Asia’s tourism is growing. The number of travelers who want to get acquainted with the culture, historical places and architectural monuments of the region, is increasing every year. Sightseeing in Uzbekistan’s Samarkand is very popular. 2.5 million people visited the city last year. In general, foreign visitors are interested in the republic’s 7,000 cultural and historical sites. New recreation zones will appear in Uzbekistan, specifically, the ‘Ancient Bukhara’ and ‘Samarkand City.’ According to experts, in order to develop tourism, the country intends to strengthen security measures and establish a visa-free regime for a number of states.


- Visa procedures will be simplified. In addition, forty countries joined the list of countries with simplified visa regime. I think these measures are among the main ones. The second work is transport infrastructure. This means that we must increase the number of flights, reduce the tariffs for flights and create new opportunities for people coming to Uzbekistan including rail and bus service. As you know, recently we’ve launched the bus transport with Kazakhstan.

Tourists’ special place for sightseeing in Central Asia is Kazakhstan’s "pearl," the Burabai resort zone. A special call center has been set up in the resort for the convenience of foreign travelers. Operators working around the clock can give full information about the routes and hotels in Kazakhstan’s health resort. The development of tourism is thoroughly set: in order to orient customers in the price segment, managers have studied the conditions and evaluated the conformity of the service and quality.


- The Contact Center is working in three languages: Russian, Kazakh and English. We are planning to make it happen in Kokshetau, Astana and Almaty. The "Smart Burabai" will be implemented which has no analogues in Kazakhstan. We expect that it will be better and cooler than booking. The booking doesn’t have videos. We will give the opportunity to watch the video, purchase an online application, track the tour route and get a co-offer. This will be possible with our program. By digitizing Burabai, we will become known to the whole world.

The development of infrastructure, the use of new smart technologies, as well as the tourism policy of the Central Asian countries, contribute to the increase of the tourist flow into the region. This allows discussing about a new growth point in the global tourism industry.