Central Asian countries contribute to Afghanistan’s stability

The Central Asian countries have made remarkable progress in economic development and have made an important contribution to the consolidation of peace and stability in Afghanistan. This was voiced by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres at a meeting of the UN Security Council on cooperation between the states of the region and Afghanistan. He highlighted that today Kazakhstan trains the Afghan students, Uzbekistan established direct flights between Tashkent and Kabul, Turkmenistan delivers gas to Afghans and has rebuilt the railway to the country. Several cross-border initiatives in the energy sector have also been launched, particularly; a new transmission line from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan has been opened. According to political scientists, the past ministerial debates in the UN Security Council have allowed forming a unified understanding of the solution of the Afghan issue.


- The ministerial debate was very significant for all countries. This is because practically 8 ministers were responsible for the foreign policy of their countries and they answered exactly at the state level. What does it mean? This means that the Afghan topic is already beginning to be resolved, and the Afghan topic is very important for the world. There is a necessity to make Central Asia a prosperous and developing region and this is a wonderful undertaking.

Experts noted that the past ministerial debates have demonstrated the readiness of the Central Asian republics to strengthen cooperation with Afghanistan. First of all, this will happen through the implementation of specific projects in the transit-transport, infrastructure, trade-economic, investment and energy industries. The parties highlighted that today the attitude towards this country should be reconsidered. It is necessary to consider the state not as a threat, but as an important and promising partner with undisclosed potential.


-Regarding Afghanistan today, there is no discussion on this issue on a global scale but we are seeing that the Russian Federation and the United States of America practically are helping in the fight against the Taliban, extremism and terrorism in this region. This is solved by power methods and we propose the development of infrastructure, trade and economic relations as well as the development of the economic components and education of this region.

Uzbekistan put forward the initiative to hold a ministerial conference on the Afghan topic this spring. As a result of the meeting, it is planned to adopt the Tashkent Declaration, which will define the basic principles and conditions for a peaceful settlement, as well as specify the obligations of the Afghan government and the armed opposition.