The most popular tours are the ones that offer visiting several countries at once

Tourism is one of the most promising industries that can foster the development of the entire Central Asian region. According to experts, the most popular tours are the ones that offer visiting several countries at once. All republics of the region are focusing on tourism industry now. Kazakhstan has developed tourism development concept and set a number of projects in this sphere as part of "100 concrete steps" nation's plan, the national company Kazakh Tourism has been created. Uzbekistan intends to occupy its niche in the world tourism market. Diplomats will now be responsible for attracting both investments and tourists, as President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev instructed. This will be monitored by a specially created commission.


 - Now, diplomats will begin each of their working days with a call to the leadership of the country they are working with. I instructed them to consider ways of implementing joint projects in the sphere of export and tourism development, strengthening business and investment cooperation, and also accelerate these processes.

The Central Asian countries possess a great tourism potential, experts say. The Silk Road concept is the main development driver here. This transcontinental route is the world brand and sparks great interest among foreign travelers. Every republic, despite of similarity in cultural and historical background, can offer tourists something unique.


- If Kazakhstan develops eco- and ethno-tourism, Uzbekistan offers historical and cultural attractions because they have a lot of places that have remained since the time when they were built. We mainly offer ethno and cultural tourism, and here we share common heritage with Kyrgyzstan, because we have a very similar culture, similar history. Therefore, we cooperate harmoniously, because we, so to speak, exchange tourists.

Central Asian republics are going to establish partnership rather than competition in tourism sphere. They are developing new offers, introducing a visa free entry, launching direct flights and railway communications between the cities of Central Asia, and opening fascinating tourist routes.