Chinese companies will take part in the implementation project "Safe City" in the Kyrgyz cities

Chinese companies will take part in the implementation project

Chinese companies will take part in the implementation of the large-scale project "Safe City" in the Kyrgyz cities of Bishkek and Osh. Chinese telecom giant "Huawei" has already signed an investment agreement with the Kyrgyz government. CCTV equipment will be installed at 70 intersections of the two largest cities of the Central Asian country as part of the program. The number of road accidents in the Kyrgyz capital increased by 81% last year. Two-fold increase in fines for traffic rules violation two years ago did not bring any effect. New technologies are expected to change the situation. The government of Kyrgyzstan has already tried implementing the "Safe City" project with the Moldovan Company, but it failed. This time they invited Chinese investors. Along with Huawei, the project involves a consortium of three companies: the Beijing Linsin Capital Management and Aka Minerals and Mining. Chinese engineers are ready to start work in late January and are planning to complete it in a year and a half. The cost of the project is more than $60 million. After installation of the equipment, Kyrgyzstan will pay it off in equal installments within five years.


 - We are implementing this project to save people’s lives, but not for the sake of making money on fines. We are working with a large company that has established itself in the international market and showed how such system works in other cities throughout the world.


 - China as a friendly country and neighbor will always support Kyrgyzstan in its endeavors aimed at sustainable development to improve people's lives.