Cooperation between EAEU and MERCOSUR

The program for cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and MERCOSUR is currently being developed in Brazil. Experts of the two largest regional trade and economic unions have been developing the first joint strategy for several months. MERCOSUR includes Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. The latter leads the work of the sub-regional bloc. According to experts, the signing of documents will significantly accelerate the development of trade relations between the Southern and the Northern hemisphere.


 - Currently, Brazil is working on common projects with the Eurasian Economic Union. We are planning to launch these programs in 2018. We hope that it will work out.

Politicians started discussing possible ways of establishing cooperation in 2014, and set up primary goals of joint work. The memorandum of understanding was signed in August 2015. The sides agreed on joint research in the agro-industrial complex, academic exchange and nuclear energy.


 - Distance and different approaches are the main challenges, but they can be solved. I believe that we will be able to establish all the joint processes in the future, which will lead not only to the cooperation between the unions, but also between individual countries.

The EAEU is also expanding cooperation in the field of space technologies. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, recently held in Sochi. Scientists will have to establish a system of interaction of all existing national earth sounding programs designed for studying natural resources and meteorology. In addition, the customs services of the EAEU countries have already agreed with Vietnam on the launch of a completely new project of cooperation on "information exchange". According to experts, starting from 2018 this will simplify the international trade procedures and facilitate the implementation of the international agreement.