Kazakhstan’s activity in the UN Security Council

Kazakhstan’s activity in the UN Security Council

Kazakhstan has become a successful example that represents interests of Central Asia in the UN Security Council. During Kazakhstan’s presidency in the UN Security Council, topics on development of the whole region and stability of Afghanistan were discussed. Kazakhstan viewed that the stability of Afghanistan could be restored should its economy strengthens. The country also appealed to the world community to see Afghanistan not as a threat, but as an important and promising partner with huge economic potential. International experts said the approach has caused a widespread response in the global arena.


 - During the OSCE chairmanship of Kazakhstan in 2010, Kazakhstan was also pretty much involved in stabilizing the situation. It transferred the financial resources to Afghanistan.  It will be considered in the future as the leading nation for solving conflict but also international relations. So I think the chairmanship in the UN Security Council is only the beginning of activities of Kazakhstan on a global level.

According to experts, Kazakhstan as a mediator country, considers the Afghan topic very important. Analysts said that Central Asia’s stability depends on the security in Afghanistan, which was why Kazakhstan brought the issues of Afghanistan's economic devepment on the international agenda.


 - Kazakhstan initiated the trip of the United Nations representatives to Kabul for the first time. This happened thanks to international relations experts and Kazakhstan. This is very serious, specifically, the concern and the attempt to solve the problem. The comprehensive study resulted in such a breakthrough moment which is the trip to Kabul organized by Kazakhstan.

All the Central Asian countries have jointly set the goal to solve the Afghan issue by supporting the development in Afghanistan. For example, Kazakhstan welcomes Afghan students, while Uzbekistan opened direct air route between Tashkent and Kabul and Turkmenistan delivered gas to Afghanistan and rebuilt the railway in the country. Experts said the implementation of the projects in transit-transport, infrastructure, trade and energy will strengthen cooperation between Central Asia and Afghanistan.