Peacemaking initiatives of Kazakhstan

The development of a resolution on the cessation of hostilities throughout Syria includes Kazakhstan's initiatives to strengthen confidence-building measures and release of detained children and women. The UN Security Council had an emergency meeting in New York. Participants of the meeting demanded that all parties of the conflict in Syria have to cease hostilities, at least for 30 days. The resolution will ensure delivery of humanitarian aid and evacuation of sick and wounded people. The 15 member states of the UN Security Council supported the agreement. The Kazakh delegation urged all parties to observe the ceasefire and the resolution. In return, the ministers of foreign affairs of the guarantor states of the Astana process will take additional constructive steps to strictly implement the ceasefire agreement and zones of de-escalation in Syria at the upcoming meeting in Kazakhstan’s capital.


- The Kazakh delegation voted for the draft resolution on the cessation of hostilities in Syria. Kazakhstan's position is very consistent. Stability in the Middle East can be achieved by reducing violence through peaceful means and preventing the emergence of new tensions.