Kazakhstan’s activities in UN

The UN gave an official status to the final statement adopted at the high-level thematic briefing chaired by Nursultan Nazarbayev. In his speech, the Head of State focused on the key issues of international security: non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and strengthening of confidence-building measures for the settlement of existing conflicts. Special attention was paid to comprehensive conflict prevention strategy. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and all members of the Security Council noted the high relevance of the topic chosen by Kazakhstan. It allows addressing the pressing matters of nuclear non-proliferation through strengthening of confidence-building measures. Earlier, the status of the official UN documents was given to the Manifesto of the Kazakh President "The World. The 21 Century" and his political appeal to the UN Security Council members on Kazakhstan’s work aimed to maintain peace and security. Russia was closely observing Kazakhstan's work in the UN Security Council.


 - Frankly speaking, majority of the Russians have warm relations with citizens of two neighboring countries. They are Kazakhstan and Belarus. We were happy to see that Kazakhstan had an opportunity to work in such a large scale platform. We are in touch with our neighbors on a daily basis. We have many joint projects with regions in Kazakhstan, and it satisfies us. We should value our relations and strengthen them, and we have all prerequisites for that: deep historical roots and the willing to do so. My colleagues share this position, and we have a group on interaction with the senators of Kazakhstan in the Federation Council of Russia. It works on a regular basis.