Central Asia: Cooperation with UN

Central Asia: Cooperation with UN

Kazakhstan is expanding cooperation with the UN. The Senate Committee approved the bill on ratification of the agreement between the government of the republic and the international organization regarding administrative and financial procedures for the Subregional Office for North and Central Asia. The office was opened five years ago in Almaty. As noted in the Kazakh Foreign Ministry, the adoption of the document will contribute to the interaction of Kazakhstan with the UN in the implementation of joint projects in the transit-trade, water and energy spheres, and will allow the Kazakhstan party to receive annual reports on the use of the funds allocated to the Office to cover expenses and implement programs. After the ratification, payments will cease to be voluntary and become mandatory.


 - In accordance with the arrangements, the Kazakh side provides the office of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. The area should be at least 270 square meters. Currently, the office is located in Almaty, in a separate building at 68 Amangeldy Street. As per the agreement, the Kazakh side is obliged to annually allocate $100,000.

According to experts, the ratification of the agreement will improve the republic’s image as a coordinator of international projects in the countries of Central Asia. The agreement will also give a new impetus to Kazakhstan’s initiatives as part of cooperation with the United Nations. In addition, it will ensure a stable and active implementation of socio-economic diplomacy among the states of the region.