Expert opinions on Afghanistan and Central Asia

The global community speaks highly of Kazakhstan’s initiative on formation of a regional zone of peace, cooperation and safety in Central Asia and Afghanistan. Afghan Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai expressed gratitude to Kazakhstan and its leadership for attention and measures taken to settle the situation in Afghanistan as the President of the UN Security Council. A Statement by the President of the Security Council, which urges the international community to support Afghanistan through the expansion of regional cooperation, was adopted following the results of ministerial debate. The countries of Central Asia expressed readiness for interaction and implementation of specific regional projects in transit-transport, infrastructure, trade-economic, investment and energy spheres.


 - Efforts of Kazakhstan are appreciated by the Afghan people, and particularly the government of Afghanistan. Highlighting the situation in Afghanistan reflects that the situation in Afghanistan is not in isolation. Situation in Afghanistan has implications not just for Afghanistan but for the region and particularly for Central Asia. That’s why for Kazakhstan to come out and look at this issue in greater detail is something that Afghans truly appreciated. The event that we had today at the UN Security Council was extremely productive. We heard enormous amount of positive comments from all memebrs of the Security Council.

Kazakhstan is one more step ahead to creation of a safe world, Afghan ambassador to Kazakhstan, Qadam Shah Shahim, believes. He is grateful to Nursultan Nazarbayev for attention paid to the Afghan crisis, and bringing it to discussion at the UN Security Council and at the meeting with Donald Trump. Previously, UN Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan Kairat Umarov and the Security Council delegation visited Kabul to learn about the state of affairs in the country. This is the first visit of Council members to the capital of Afghanistan over the past seven years.


 - I am grateful to Nursultan Nazarbayev for his efforts to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan and contribution in the resolving political differences through peaceful means. This week, the President paid attention to the problems in our country having raised the question in the meeting with Donald Trump at the White House.