Stability in Afghanistan: Future of Central Asia

Stability in Afghanistan: Future of Central Asia

For the first time in history of Central Asia, Kazakhstan took the honored first place of a chairman in the UN Security Council. According to experts, this is bright evidence of the country’s active membership in contributing to development of international relations. Kazakhstan has already attracted the international community to solve global key topics and problems of modern world.


 - In the course of its chairmanship Kazakhstan intends to raise topics of current interest related to regional and international security, starting from non-proliferation issues to the topics of security and stability related to the Central Asian and Afghan problems. 00:31

According to director of the Expert Institute of European Law and Human Rights, Marat Bashimov, in the period of its chairmanship in the UN Security Council, Kazakhstan aims to actively promote the interests of all Central Asian states. The analyst says that it is also necessary to understand that the solution of the Afghan problem is an important factor in strengthening stability in the region and an impulse for further development of the economy.


 - In 2018, Kazakhstan as the chairman of the UN Security Counci understands this perfectly and sets the agenda of relationships and cooperation between the Central Asian region and Afghanistan in the first place. This is doubly important for Kazakhstan since the country is an economic integrator, particularly, trade routes, China-Kazakhstan-Russia, the Silk Road and many such factors. Therefore, Kazakhstan always asserts and says that trade, economic and cultural cooperation should always be a priority than military-political cooperation.

Analysts highlight that the Central Asian countries are interested in promoting Kazakhstan's region-wide security interests and support the country’s all initiatives in this direction. In the spring of last year the experts of the Central Asian states started developing a document of the UN Security Council on Security in Central Asia and Afghanistan. According to the forecasts of the Kazakhstan Council for Foreign Relations, this year the step of ensuring stability in the region is one of the most important.