Kazakhstan’s presidency in UN Security Council

Kazakhstan's presidency in the UN Security Council will let Central Asian states strengthen national security and draw the global community’s attention to urgent problems of the region. This is the opinion of the deputy director of the Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies, Sanat Kushkumbayev. According to him, the United Nations platform can help in resolving many issues, including water, energy, economic, environmental, issues of agricultural development, as well as trade between countries. On January 19, the Security Council will hold a ministerial debate with the participation of the foreign ministers of Central Asia and Afghanistan on "Building a regional partnership in Afghanistan and Central Asia as a model for the interdependence of security and development."


 - Kazakhstan is not just a member of the UN Security Council. Our agenda was coordinated with our Central Asian neighbors. We would like Central Asia to strengthen its subjectivity, become more transparent and open to the global community. In this context, Kazakhstan rightfully believes that thereby our regional subjectivity, our national security will be strengthened as in every country in Central Asia.