Kazakhstani athletes are preparing for the 2018 Asian Games to be held in Jakarta

Kazakhstani athletes are preparing for the 2018 Asian Games to be held in Jakarta. This year, for the first time in the history, sambo is included in the program of the Games as one of the martial arts. Wrestlers are actively preparing for competitions in this type of sport. Among them is the winner of the Sochi World Cup Yesset Kuanov.


 - Sambo will have a new format this year. This martial art is included in the Asian Games, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Yesset will perform in the category of up to 62 kilograms. In addition, we will participate in the World Championship in Romania this year.

Yesset Kuanov set up his main goals for this year after the inclusion of Sambo in the program of the Asian Games. The wrestler and his teammates are training hard, preparing for the continental games. In 2014, the Kazakh athlete lost to Aslan Mudranov from Russia at the World Championship in London. Last autumn, Yesset Kuanov took revenge by defeating his longtime opponent at the World Championships in Sochi. However, then there was a force majeure. Former anthem of Kazakhstan was played during the awarding ceremony. However, the Kazakh athlete put a bold face on - he put his right hand to his chest and sang the actual anthem of the country.


 - When the national anthem of our country wasn’t played, I put my hand on my chest and sang. Our entire team: athletes, coaches, and fans - all sang the hymn live. This gave a sense of pride and cohesion.

33 Olympic and 11 non-Olympic sports will be included in the program of the 2018 Asian Games. Jakarta will hold the sporting event for the second time. A new stadium for 60,000 spectators is under construction in Jakarta.