Kyrgyzstan is going to host the 3rd World Nomad Games in September 2018

Kyrgyzstan is going to host the 3rd World Nomad Games in September 2018. The Kyrgyz government announced preparations for the event. Previous competitions showed that in recent years the interest in the history of nomadic peoples has increased. The game of nomads, intertwining of the spirit of sports and cultural foundations are a big part of the history, tradition and lifestyle of ancient civilizations.


 - We, as organizers and hosts of the World Nomad Games, want to show the whole world the nomadic culture and civilization. We want to present the nomad as a warrior man, a man of his word, as a thinker and philosopher. We would like to reveal to the world that the nomadic culture and civilization is one of the ancient and is gaining relevance among the younger generation

The sports competition program includes such kinds of single combats as kokpar, belt wrestling, traditional kures, and also archery. Those who prefer intellectual games can compete in Togyzkumalak. Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan occupy leading positions in all the above mentioned national sports. Kyrgyzstan spent $24.5 million for the previous Second World Games of Nomads. This time the government is planning to divide these expenses between sponsors.


 - It is a great honor for us, as an international company, to contribute to the development of national sports and culture, to our heritage.

The head of the Ministers Cabinet instructed to create the organization committee for successful holding of the Third World Games of Nomads. A number of departments and ministries should propose their action plan.