100 families move into new homes

On the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan, one hundred families in Kyzylorda region acquired new homes. Governor of the region Gulshara Abdykalikova solemnly handed over the keys to the apartments. Law enforcement officers, the military, teachers, medical and cultural workers are among the new homeowners. Bibigul Sadykova is a school teacher in Kyzylzharma village. She has been saving money on an account with the Housing Construction Savings Bank (HCSBK) for two years. Today her dream has come true.

“It is a three-bedroom apartment, located on the first floor, in a warm house. It is spacious and excellently refurbished. I think young families should, instead of renting housing, they should collect the down payment and get new apartments like this,” shared Bibigul Sadykova, a Kyzylorda resident.

This year, 1,200 Kyrylorda residents, depositors of the HCSBK, acquired the cherished apartments. One hundred families moved into new apartments in this three-storey house. The house is equipped with video cameras, intercom, and a playground. The new microdistrict is adjacent to a higher educational institution, a school, a kindergarten, a museum and a youth center.

“Several houses are yet to be commissioned on the left embankment. With the help of local builders, a new house will soon be built as part of the Shanyrak ‘5-10-20’ program. These will be apartments worth no more than 12 million tenge (US$28,235),” said Adilzhan Saulebayev, Director of local HCSBK branch.

Abdykalikova, who congratulated the residents on their new homes, also announced that 720 more apartments will be commissioned in Kyzylorda by the end of the year. In recent years, housing construction in Kyzylorda city has intensified. Nearly 9,000 families there have acquired new housing.


Photo: kn.kz