Junior Eurovision-2020: competitors of Karakat Bashanova

Only a few days left until Junior Eurovision. 12 participants will meet on the virtual stage of the competition - each will perform in own country. Therefore, the vocal qualities of the performers will be evaluated by video. By the way, fans of the song contest are already making their bets. There are positive reviews of foreigners about the participant from Kazakhstan Karakat Bashanova. Many believe that her lyrical composition “Forever” has a deep meaning, and it touches the hearts of judges and spectators.

When I first heard the song and saw the video, I cried. I didn’t even notice it. The song touched my heart, said Aizada Pernekul.

Everyone has a chance to win, but the Kazakh people set their hopes upon Karakat.

People in Kazakhstan have high expectations of Karakat. There are many of her fans and listeners among foreign nationals. The performance has something special, said Yerdana Yerzhanuly.

I noticed that contestants, who take part in such competitions, are very excited and worried. The best and most talented singers drop out of contests. It is all about worry. I wish you, Karakat, to get rid of the thoughts of victory from your head. You have to prove yourself as a singer, as an actress. Millions of people in Kazakhstan will support you, including me, said Murat Kusainov, Honored Figure of Kazakhstan, “Dos Mukasan” Ensemble Founder.

According to the internet voting, Spain is leading so far, followed by Poland and Belarus. Kazakhstan is taking the seventh place. Development of events at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the winner will be known on November 29. The song contest will be broadcast live on Khabar channel.


Photo:  youtube.com