Kazakhstan to completely eliminate paper-based personal documents in 2021

From now on, Kazakh citizens do not need electronic signature to register in the mobile database of the Egov website. All they need is to just hold a smartphone to the face. Biometric identification that is planned to be introduced by the end of the year, will identify and register a user itself by asking additional questions. This became known during a meeting of the Government. The most popular documents will be included in the Egov Mobile application. In addition to identity card, a driver's license, diplomas and certificates will be transferred to digital format as well. It is planned to eliminate the issuance of 30 certificates by the end of the year. A citizen will be able to provide information directly from his phone without requesting a certificate. To show a QR code or send it via any available messenger will be enough.

“The number of smartphone users is growing, so the need to provide government services on mobile platform is increasing correspondingly. I instruct Kazakh Ministry of Digital Development together with interested state agencies to approve a plan to switch all socially significant government services to the eGov mobile. The population needs concrete results of your work. We have to completely eliminate the need for paper-based documents already in 2021, introduce services provision from the “Government for citizens” corporation and improve the level of accessibility of all online services to almost 100 percent,” said Prime Minister Askar Mamin.

The number of e-services also grows. Currently, the state register has almost 700 services, providing 85.5 percent of them online. This indicator will be increased to 90 percent by the end of the year. Along with this, algorithms for answering frequently asked questions using artificial intelligence will be introduced to reduce the load on the 1414 call center and the waiting time for dialing.


Photo: turantimes.kz