Astanа Media Week-2020 kicks off in Nur-Sultan

The Astana Media Week 2020 kicked off in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan. The largest media event in Central Asia has already become a tradition and is being held for the fourth year in a row. However, this time with a significant difference - speakers will present their sessions online. Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development Aida Balayeva delivered the opening address. She said that nowadays the main task of modern journalism is to provide the public with timely and reliable information.

“The most important task is to provide the population with timely and reliable information. Thus, in the age of new technologies, with the emergence of new media and means of communication, this task is becoming even more complicated every day. Because, indeed, now just an ordinary citizen can become a source of news and, in fact, sometimes misleads general public. It is hence important for us that professional journalism evolves,” Balayeva said.

Global trends in media content consumption, the current pandemic and crisis of public trust in the media, the work of editorial offices in new conditions, multiplatformity and new leaders of the media industry are the main topics discussed at the event. The sessions are attended by both domestic and foreign top managers, experts of leading media agencies, academics from major international organizations and foreign universities, as well as representatives of the public sector and media content production companies.