Changes in system of higher education of Kazakhstan

Time sheets of university professors and other staff will be left behind. This work will be transferred to an online format. Kazakh Vice Minister of Education and Science Miras Daulenov explained how the system of higher education of Kazakhstan will change at a press briefing in the Central Communications Service. Thus, experts intend to eliminate many of the requirements related to certain areas of training. For example, they believe that universities need more practitioners. Daulenov said that the requirement on the cost ratio of the tuition fee to the grant size was also cancelled.

“This is all done in order to remove quantitative restrictions in the system of higher education. In addition, reporting requirements for higher education institutions have been significantly reduced. This reporting by universities directly affected the teachers, loaded them with unnecessary work. As you remember, the grade books of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students were abolished earlier. The time sheets of teachers and other staff have been cancelled by a recent order. All of this can be done electronically. There is no need to fill it out on paper. This significantly reduces the workload on teachers,” said Daulenov.