Kazakhstan celebrates 185th birth anniversary of Shokan Ualikhanov

Kazakhstan celebrates 185th birth anniversary of Shokan Ualikhanov

This year marks the 185th birth anniversary of one of the outstanding personalities of Kazakh people, a legend Shokan Ualikhanov. He was a scientist, an educator, a philologist, a writer, a historian, an orientalist, a researcher, a geographer, an ethnographer and a traveler. The nature endowed this legend of Kazakh intellectuals with phenomenal abilities.

He wrote six research volumes over his short but bright life. His graphic drawings were published as a separate work. Knowing perfectly the Eastern, Russian and Western European literature, he also studied the lifestyle and culture of nomads, and published a number of researches. However, the pinnacle of his scientific career is the works written based on the results of the Kashgar expedition, completed by him in 1858-1859. A work “On the condition of Altyshar or six eastern cities of the Chinese province of Nan-Lu” is especially interesting. Contemporaries considered it a true geographical discovery. This work of Ualikhanov was a major contribution to ethnology, to domestic and world science. Love for his native land, deep connection with the people made Shokan Ualikhanov a great Kazakh seer, allowing him to look far ahead.

His all-round activity in science and ethnography as well as literature and history received eternal recognition and respect not only in the vastness of the Great Steppe, but also far beyond its borders.


Photo:  ibirzha.kz