Several regions of Kazakhstan tighten quarantine measures

Several regions of Kazakhstan tighten quarantine measures

442 more coronavirus cases were confirmed in Kazakhstan in the past day. 245 of them were registered in the east of the country, where authorities have tightened restrictions due to the spread of the dangerous disease. 13 sanitary checkpoints were installed here around the region’s borders. Seven of them are operating on the entry roads to Oskemen, another six in districts and towns of the region and at the crossing points with neighboring countries. 11 monitoring groups will make sure that all sanitary rules are observed.

“Monitoring groups are working in all areas. They have a task of checking how the current regulation is being implemented. That is, it is both wearing masks and social distancing,” said Arman Sagyndykov, Acting Head of the Oskemen Department for Quality Control and Safety of Goods and Services.

Karagandy region strengthened quarantine measures as well. Three sanitary checkpoints to control the entry road on the region’s borders will start operating from November 4.

More than 112,000 people in Kazakhstan are infected with coronavirus. Fortunately, the number of recoveries also grows. To date, a total of 106,514 patients recovered from the virus in Kazakhstan.