Abai’s works now available to Seoul readers

Abai’s works now available to Seoul readers

Works of Abai are now available to Seoul readers. A solemn ceremony was held in the capital of South Korea, during which Kazakh Embassy representatives donated 20 collections of works by the great writer to one of the largest libraries of Seongbuk district.

“I heard that Abai is a Kazakh folk poet and philosopher. I am grateful to the Kazakh Embassy for donating the books. We will try to acquaint as many people as possible with Abai,” said Lee Kunwang, General Director of Seongbuk Cultural Foundation.

Seongbuk district in Seoul has 14 libraries operating at the moment. Now each of them will have a book of Abai. For example, one of them has a hall for children from multicultural families, in which a child’s mother or father is a citizen of another country. It is necessary to take off shoes at the entrance. People can read books lying on a warm floor. A shelf with works in Kazakh language appeared here thanks to Assel Makhanova from Kazakhstan.

“I read literature in Kazakh, Russian and Korean. In 2013, I visited the largest library of Seongbuk district in Seoul for the first time. There were various works, but none in Kazakh,” shared a Seoul resident Assel Makhanova.

Libraries in Seoul are currently working with observation of all COVID-19 preventive measures. Even books are disinfected in these libraries. All pages are disinfected within 30 seconds with a special device.


Photo: eadaily.com