Kazakh citizens can report slow internet connection on bailanys.bar website

Kazakh citizens can report slow internet connection on bailanys.bar website

Ways for checking the quality of internet connection were presented in Kazakhstan. In particular, public control service called ‘bailanys.bar’ (Connected). The project has already been launched at full capacity, Kazakh Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Mussin announced at a press briefing. He said that, from now on, any Kazakh resident can go to the ‘bailanys.bar.kz’ website and report the poor quality of communication signal with just one click. This will allow the relevant ministry to see the real picture, that is, in which villages the Internet is working well, and where, in contrast, there are certain problems. After that, the quality of the internet will be checked by special inspectors. Mussin stressed that the website can be accessed from different parts of the country, even where connectivity problems were encountered. The service works without additional costs from the state.

“This is about the quality of the internet. We are collecting the information to improve its quality, and to do this, we have implemented the ‘bailanys.bar’ service. Entrepreneurs proposed this themselves. Many projects are created this way. We implement such projects together with the business sector, whether it is a new public-private partnership or not, but we do not provide funding,” said Mussin.

The relevant minister said that 18.7 million people live in 6,500 settlements in Kazakhstan. Nearly 5,000 of them have access to the Internet. This indicates that the proportion of the country’s population that is connected to the internet has reached 17.5 million users.


Photo: matritca.kz