Mazhilis approves draft environmental code in first reading

Mazhilis approves draft environmental code in first reading

The introduction of the best available technologies at the industrial enterprises in Kazakhstan will positively affect the environment. A new draft code provides for the measures to prevent pollution as well as for the responsibility for the restoration of damage to the environment. Members of Mazhilis, the Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament, approved the draft in its first reading.

“At the first stage, we plan to switch to the best available technologies 50 largest companies of oil and gas, mining and metallurgical, chemical and electric power industries, which account for 80 percent of the pollution. The draft code also introduces a requirement for the large enterprises of the “First category” to undergo an assessment of their impact on the environment. The list of such enterprises will be revised, while the attention will be focused on truly environmentally hazardous facilities,” said Kazakh Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources Magzum Mirzagaliyev.

He noted that two, four and eight times increase in compensation for environmental pollution will be applied to the first category facilities that have not received integrated environmental authorization.

“We consider this an additional measure that stimulates switching to the integrated environmental authorization. At the same time, such increase in compensation for the 50 largest facilities of the first category will begin in 2025, while for the rest of the companies of the first category – in 2031. It is worth noting that the increase coefficients will double every three years. Meaning, every large enterprise that works today will make its own choice for the future. It either negatively affects the environment and pays for this with annually increasing environmental fees, or introduces the best most advanced available technology and gets rid of the polluter image as well as exempt from emission charge,” added Mirzagaliyev.

The minister noted that new enterprises, which introduced modern environmental technologies, will be exempted from emission charge as well.