Chief Sanitary Doctor for Transport announces changes in PCR test requirements for air passengers

Passengers arriving in Kazakhstan on international flights must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to board their flight. However, this requirement applies only to foreign nationals. The press center of Kazakh Government clarified the decision of the Interdepartmental Commission to prohibit airlines from boarding passengers without these certificates. Kazakh nationals abroad are allowed to return to their homeland by air without certificates. They will be placed into a quarantine facility pending COVID-19 test results. A mandatory PCR test certificate is not required on domestic flights.

“The Interdepartmental Commission decided on October 26 that only foreign nationals are required to have a mandatory COVID-19 PCR test certificate at the airport of their departure upon boarding the flight. Accordingly, Kazakh citizens are allowed to fly back to Kazakhstan without this certificate. At the same time, we recommend that Kazakh nationals abroad undergo PCR testing in the host country. Currently, it should not be difficult to do in many countries, since COVID-19 testing laboratories are available at international airports, cities and hotels. The results are provided within 24 hours,” said Sadvakas Baigabulov, Chief State Sanitary Doctor for Transport.