Qazaq TV turns 18

The ‘Khabar’ television network has many viewers. The agency comprises four TV channels, including ‘Khabar’, ‘Khabar 24’, ‘Qazaq TV’ and ‘El Arna’, and all of them are in demand not only among Kazakh, but also foreign viewers. Informative and original TV content is especially popular in Europe, where many ethnic Kazakhs live. Ismail Kesici is one of them. It has been 30 years since he settled in London. His family moved first to Turkey and then to the United Kingdom. Despite this, Ismail has been interested in what is happening in his homeland since childhood. As a 12-year-old, he learned Kazakh in Cyrillic script on his own, and in order to be aware of the latest information about the country, he got used to watching the news program on Qazaq TV every day.
“It’s not only me, but many Kazakhs in Europe and other countries, who want to see Kazakh traditions, national holidays and culture. You can also learn a lot through watching high-quality Kazakh films and programs,” shared Ismail Kesici.
Ismail said that young Kazakhs in Europe are gradually forgetting their mother tongue, while many cannot speak Kazakh at all. This can lead to the loss of national identity. In the era of mass media development, Qazaq TV channel’s broadcasting abroad can prevent this process.
“The only place where Kazakh language is widespread is Kazakhstan. Only there one can be completely immersed in the language. Living abroad, we can only get it through the media. I am one of those who have been watching your TV channel for a long time. It used to be called Caspionet, and now it is Qazaq TV. The channel continues to delight viewers with broadcasting the traditions and culture of Kazakhstan,” said  Ismail.
Ismail’s wife Sholpan is a native of the city of Oral. Together they raise a son and a daughter. Young parents try to instill in their children love and respect for Kazakh culture, language and traditions from an early age. The whole family watches interesting and educational programs on Qazaq TV, which broadcasts in five languages.
“We love culinary programs, as we can get to know the national dishes better. When guests and friends come to our house, we treat them with Kazakh national dishes. I wish the Qazaq TV a creative success and to always continue delighting its viewers with interesting programs!” added Sholpan Kesici.