Khabar Agency celebrates its 25th anniversary

Back in 1994, the first news release under the “Khabar” brand aired in Kazakhstan for the first time and, almost a year later, on October 23, 1995, the Khabar Agency itself was established by a government decree. Today, the largest media holding celebrates its 25th anniversary. During this time, beloved by millions of viewers, the TV channels broadcast numerous information and educational programs, and a wide variety of projects. The Khabar Agency Chairperson Yerlan Bekkhozhin recalls the history of the creation of Kazakhstan’s largest television network with a smile.

“I remember how it all began. We were based on Zheltoksan Street 185. Our entire team tried to squeeze into only three or four rooms, apart from the production control rooms, which had their own unique atmosphere. It all was absolutely new and undiscovered for us. We were moving very confidently. The colleagues had fire in their eyes. We had a very powerful creative environment,” shared Yerlan Bekkhozhin.

The rapidly growing interest of foreign viewers in Kazakhstan prompted the agency’s leadership to launch the first national satellite TV channel.

“The phenomenon of Khabar was so striking that it was noticed not only in Kazakhstan and even not only in Central Asia - we began to assert ourselves throughout the world. This is how the international channel Caspionet appeared, which now comes under the Kazakh TV brand,” Bekkhozhin  noted.

Kazakh TV, broadcasting in 118 countries, celebrates its 18th anniversary. The TV channel prepared a whole series of educational, information and cultural projects to celebrate it.

“The program ‘Common Home’ premieres on Kazakh TV on October 26. This is the first project that we have been preparing for Kazakh TV. The program will reflect Kazakhstan’s life under the quarantine restrictions introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said TV producer Gulnur Mamasaripova.

Kazakh TV plans to present a number of new programs, TV shows and travel projects in the new television season.