Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly organizes National Forum

Development of the state language and strengthening of its role as the language of interethnic communication are the main topics discussed at the forum ‘Interethnic Language of the Great Steppe’ organized by the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan. Member of Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly Jamalail Elimkhanov said that it is never too late to start learning the language. Civil servants should be the first to show interest in this. He proposes to introduce a special system ‘Kaztest’ in the country to test the level of their Kazakh proficiency.

“I started learning Kazakh when I was 25 and I never spoke this language before. It took me two years to learn it. I used to set aside special study-time, and by doing the same, everyone can learn the language. In order to work in the civil service, one should be learning Kazakh, first of all, out of love and respect for their homeland,” said Jamalail Elimkhanov.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Assembly, which has no equivalent in the world, its Deputy Chairperson Zhanseit Tuimebayev awarded the activists who contributed to the strengthening of social harmony and national unity in the country. They were presented with jubilee medals and badges ‘Meiirim’.


Photo: ult.kz