Expert proposes to instill environmental culture from school

Environmental expert Abzal Kuspan proposed to develop a curriculum taking into account ecosophy, or ecological philosophy, and introduce it into the education system. He said that fostering of environmental awareness among the younger generation requires a thorough approach. Therefore, it is necessary to instill the basics of respectful treatment of the environment in children starting from school.

“Each nation has its own myths and legends regarding the animal world and its protection. So do the Kazakhs. That is why it is necessary to revive them, to instill in children love for the world around them, for flora and fauna, for everything that surrounds a person. This will help form and renew our traditions and at the same time form an environmental culture among the younger generation,” said Kuspan.

The expert opined that this initiative will contribute to the tasks set in the state-of-the-nation-address by Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, where he announced a number of measures for environmental protection and the development of biodiversity. It includes toughening of administrative and criminal liability for environmental offenses and adoption of the Environmental Code. However, the formation of culture through the environmental education of the younger generation should become a higher priority. This requires a thorough approach.