Kazakhstan to reduce number of flights to UAE, Belarus, Germany and Ukraine from October 26

Kazakhstan will reduce the number of international flights, announced Aizhan Yesmagambetova, Chairperson of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Committee of Kazakh Health Ministry during an online briefing in the Central Communications Service. She said that since October 6, more than 34,000 passengers have arrived in the country by plane. Almost 6,000 out of them did not have coronavirus PCR test certificates and were tested in Kazakhstan. As a result, 17 cases of infection were detected. Moreover, a little over 73,500 people crossed the state border through automobile points. 122 of them tested positive. Yesmagambetova noted that the new cases of COVID-19 were detected in those who arrived from Turkey, UAE, Egypt, Belarus and Russia.

“Kazakh Health Ministry submitted proposals to the interdepartmental commission on further strengthening of sanitary and quarantine control at the checkpoints at Kazakhstan’s state border. These proposals were supported by the interdepartmental commission and will be reflected in the decree of the chief state sanitary doctor. First, the number of flights from Ukraine will be reduced from three to one, from the United Arab Emirates from 24 to 16, from Germany from six to four and from Belarus from nine to four. Air passenger traffic with Turkey has already been reduced by 18 flights a week, with a further reduction of six in November. Thus, control at the border is strengthened, including car entering points,” said Aizhan Yesmagambetova, Chairperson of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Committee.


Photo:  tengrinews.kz