Small kurultai of Kazakhs of Uzbekistan held online

Kazakhstan will publish special textbooks for learning Kazakh language intended for ethnic Kazakhs living abroad. This was announced during the small kurultai (congress), of Kazakhs living in Uzbekistan. The online event was organized by the World Association of Kazakhs, Otandastar Foundation and Kazakh National Cultural Center in Uzbekistan. Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development Aida Balayeva said at a virtual event that there are currently 22 online Kazakh language classes in nine countries. Another nine Kazakh language courses are scheduled to launch before the end of this year. This issue is now under the control of Kazakh Foreign Ministry.

“This year, together with the Otandastar Foundation, we started working on the publication of the ‘ABC’s of Wisdom’ textbook and the ‘Abai’ interactive complex. To date, the Foreign Ministry has already received 900 copies of the ‘ABC’s of Wisdom’ textbook. We plan to hand over more than 300 copies to educational institutions of Uzbekistan. In addition, one of the most important issues is the matter of taking examinations in Kazakh universities by an annual quota for ethnic Kazakhs living abroad. The Consulates of our country have created conditions for applicants so that they could take the exams online. This year, 900 young people used this opportunity,” said Mukhtar Karibai, Head of Department for Working with Kazakh Diaspora, Kazakh Foreign Ministry.