Reinforcement of quarantine measures

Reinforcement of quarantine measures

Quarantine measures were tightened in the Akmola region starting today. People over the age of 65 were restricted from going outside, since there have been many elderly people among the coronavirus patients, especially in recent days. Moreover, 80 percent of civil servants and employees of quasi-governmental organizations that hire more than 30 people, will switch to remote work. Restrictions were imposed on shopping and entertainment centers, food and non-food stores and indoor markets. On weekdays, their working hours will be until 7 p.m., and on weekends and holidays they will be closed. The same applies to public service centers and religious facilities.

“From October 8 to October 14, we registered 42 new COVID-19 cases in seven days, and 30 new positive cases of infection over the week before. It follows that the COVID-19 growth rate is 28 percent. To date, we have only four imported cases of coronavirus, therefore introducing checkpoints is not under consideration,” said Ainagul Mussina, Chief Sanitary Doctor of Akmola Region.

New quarantine restrictions are also being introduced in the North Kazakhstan region. Six settlements remain closed in the region. The opening hours of the shopping and entertainment centers and shops will be altered starting from Friday. They will be open until 10 p.m. on weekdays and closed on weekends. Public transport will not run on Saturdays and Sundays. On weekends, residents are not allowed to visit squares, parks, mini-parks and embankments, while cafes and restaurants will work only for delivery.