President Tokayev opens monument to Abai in Semei

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev attended the opening ceremony of a monument to Abai. It depicts the great Kazakh poet with his sons Akylbai and Turagul. Its creator strove to convey through them the special sympathy and boundless pride of the people. President Tokayev congratulated the event participants on the 175th anniversary of Abai and highlighted that honoring the memory of the poet is a common duty of Kazakhs.

“This monument should inspire the youth. Abai and his wise sons Akylbai and Turagul, who continued his words and deeds, are  the people who serve as an example for the country. The monument symbolizes the continuity of generations, mutual respect for the father and children. Education should become one of the main factors that form the high qualities of the nation!” said the president.

After the opening ceremony, President Tokayev visited Abai’s Zhidebai-Borili state historical-cultural and literary-memorial museum-reserve, where he looked at new expositions. As part of the anniversary year, other initiatives were also implemented in the region. Semei International Airport was officially named after the Kazakh poet. The museums in Semei as well as Zhidebai were completely reconstructed. The adjacent territory of the mausoleum was refined.