Development of mountain tourism in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan needs to create Kazakh Alpine Club for the integrated development of mountain tourism in the country, said Timur Duisengaliyev, member of Association of Almaty Region Tourism Cluster, at a briefing in the Central Communications Service. He noted that the work of such a self-regulating tourism organization will be aimed at ensuring security and developing clear standards. It will also contribute to the establishment of sustainable infrastructure and, in general, attract the flow of foreign tourists to the country. Nowadays work on this principle is being practiced in many countries, such as the United States, Japan and South Korea. The huge experience of foreign public structures on the development of various types of mountain tourism activities should be applied in Kazakhstan, experts said.

“The mountain ranges in Kazakhstan occupy most of the territory, covering not only Almaty city and Almaty region, but also southern Kazakhstan, Taraz, Katon-Karagay in East Kazakhstan region. This is essentially a national project, when we create a structure that will instill this ecological culture, which will act as an ombudsman for the mountains. It will simultaneously develop and protect these mountains, it will be a structure that will provide insurance for tourists, their safety as well as membership, like the foreign Alpine clubs,” said Timur Duisengaliyev, a member of Association of Almaty Region Tourism Cluster.