Kazakhstan plans to revive beekeeping

Kazakhstan plans to revive beekeeping

Scientists from the city of Oral initiated the project for the development of beekeeping in Kazakhstan. They said that this industry is promising given the current epidemiological situation. The organic products are in great demand. To date, according to rough estimates, there are nearly 50 apiaries in the region. However, a special program is needed to satisfy the domestic market. Beekeepers support this proposal too.

“Beekeeping brings good income, but it is necessary to produce not only honey, but the whole list of bee products. I work with both pollen and royal jelly. It is in demand now. Last year people bought the propolis and wax moth particularly well, but because of this current pandemic, I do not have time to do it,” shared a beekeeper Sergey Krivobokov.

This year students are helping beekeepers. For the first time, a new subject, beekeeping, was introduced into the curriculum of the agriculture university. For the time being, future veterinarians and zootechnicians are studying it. 10 beehives were purchased by a university. Even the first crop was already harvested. It was just over 100 kilograms. Now scientists want to create laboratories for veterinary and sanitary examination and research of the quality of honey, as well as for bee diseases. The bee forage is also needed.

“We agreed with the university to set up a green conveyor line to sow several species of plants on this land, so that bees could work on that field all summer. The sunflowers are sowed a lot here, but mostly hybrid varieties. They mostly don’t secrete honey. Support from the government would be needed, subsidies,” said Krivobokov.

 Experts say that a whole range of issues will have to be addressed in order to revive beekeeping. It is necessary to create a unified electronic database of crops, establish an alliance between farmers and beekeepers, and to revive breeding work to develop insects adapted to the climate of a particular region.


Photo: agroinfo.kz