New eco-project on study of plastic pollution starts in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan will conduct a study on the plastic pollution in the regions as part of a large-scale eco-project named “Kazakhstan without plastic”. This was reported at a briefing in the Central Communications Service by the “Jasyl Arystan” private fund chairperson Gulnar Yerezhepova. She said that Kazakhstan generates more than 5 million tons of garbage every year, 15 percent of which is plastic. It turns out that every resident of Kazakhstan uses and throws away about 42 kilograms of plastic waste and only 3 percent of it is sorted. These figures are just the ones from official sources, experts noted. They assured that taking into account the durability of plastic products, the pollution issue is becoming catastrophic, because the period of natural decomposition of plastic is nearly 500 years.

“Our team plans to conduct the large-scale study on the plastic pollution in all regions of Kazakhstan this year. The activities will include various research methods, such as systematic analysis and on-site examinations, population surveys as well as environmental, economic and laboratory studies and the study of plastic production. I believe that this measure will allow us to assess the real scales of the problem in the country,” said Gulnar Yerezhepova, Chairperson of the Jasyl Arystan Private Fund.