International Fashion Week kicks off in Zhambyl region

International Fashion Week kicks off in Zhambyl region

The sixth season of Aspara Fashion Week kicked off in Zhambyl region. More than 90 designers from 32 countries, as well as famous fashion bloggers, journalists, Presidents of the largest fashion weeks in Europe and Asia, will participate in the international fashion week, which takes place online. The organizers believe that this global event contributes not only to the preservation of cultural values and popularization of the image of Kazakhstan, but also to the promotion of domestic producers on the world market. The brightest talents will have the opportunity to participate in 12 fashion weeks around the world.

 “The fashion show is great for all world designers because it has the opportunity to share our brands with the world. So I am really happy for you, I hope I will come to the Merke and I will see your country,” said Lulit Auel, a fashion designer from Ethiopia.

 “I want to say congratulations to you, Aspara Fashion Week, for your amazing brand. And I want to congratulate you for the second digital edition of the Aspara Fashion Week Merke. I am sure this edition will be unique. And I can’t wait to come back to Kazakhstan,” shared President of the Mad Mood Milano Fashion Week in Italy Marianna Miceli.