Abai’s portrait to be engraved in stone

Sculptors from the town of Karkaraly are preparing a gift for the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly. One of them, Manarbek Karim, plans to engrave the philosopher’s portrait in a three-ton block that was lowered from Korgantas Mountain. The stone image will be sent to Abai’s homeland, Zhidebai tract. This is the second monument created by this master. The first one stands near historical house in Karkaraly town, where the poet has been many times. Manarbek Karim plans to create a statue of the residents of the Alash Orda (former Kazakh Horde) soon.

“This was not that difficult, because I got the hang of it. First, we make a sketch with chalk, then make the contour with a chisel, and then “fill” the image with a grinder,” said a sculptor Manarbek Karim.


Photo: ainews.kz