Schoolchildren from Mangystau region find teeth of ancient shark

Teeth belonging to an ancient shark were found by schoolchildren from Mangystau region. This discovery was made during their trip to an area called ‘Tuzbair’. This is a well-known salt marsh in the region, which has been under water for millions of years. Nowadays, the remains of marine animals of the ancient Tethys Ocean can be found there.

“When we first saw the Tuzbair area, we wondered whether it was salt or ice there. Our expedition consisted of three stages, including preparatory, field and in-office studies,” shared Zhanagul Karasaikyzy, Member of ‘Seismo-8’ Tourist Club

The members of the school tourist club were inspired by their valuable find and are already preparing for the next expedition to the Bozzhyra tract. Hiking to remote mountains, descending into the Bulyoiyk cave and exploring a mysterious lake are among their past adventures.

“In our village, we try to engage children with extracurricular activities, so that they could efficiently spend their free time. We contribute to their upbringing to imbue them with the love for their homeland. My team has repeatedly won a number of national science competitions,” Gulsim Nadirova, Head of ‘Seismo-8’ Tourist Club.