Kazakh residents arriving from abroad are placed in quarantine facilities

The first international flights arrived in Nur-Sultan and Almaty after the new sanitary requirements were introduced. Kazakh Chief Sanitary Officer for Transport Sadvakas Baigabulov said that on the night of October 6 four flights from Turkey arrived in Nur-Sultan. 170 people out of a total of 478 passengers did not have a PCR-based COVID-19 certificate, so they were placed in a quarantine facility for two days to undergo PCR testing for the novel coronavirus.

Meantime, eight flights arrived in the Almaty International Airport from Turkey, South Korea and Belarus. 230 people out of 797 passengers did not have a mandatory COVID-19 PCR test certificate and they were also placed in quarantine facility.

Baigabulov said that the arrived foreign nationals had certificates confirming their negative COVID-19 PCR-based status. None of them were deported.


Photo: coronavirus2020.kz